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Maui Vacation – Day 8

Coming Home

Our flight wouldn’t leave until 1:30, so we had time to eat an unhurried breakfast, pack, and leave in plenty of time. It was a good thing we gave ourselves lots of time, though; traffic between the Honua Kai and Kahului Airport was thick and slow. We still had time to fill the rental car with gas, return it, and shuttle back to the airport without real worries. Since the route to the rental car agency took us right by the terminal, I let out Chris and left the bags with her. The shuttle would be much easier unencumbered.

Check-in and security were uneventful, even with the added step of putting our bags through the agricultural department’s scanners. The ticketing agent gave us the door code for the Hawaiian Airlines lounge, and we took advantage of the comfortable seats, free soft drinks, and peace of the lounge for about 20 minutes.

We boarded, toasted our trip with guava-juice mimosas, and settled in for the 5-hour flight back to San Francisco. As on the flight out, everything went smoothly, and the first class service was delightful.

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