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Maui Vacation – Day 5

We slept in again, not getting out of bed until about 7:15. After another workout in the fitness center, we ate a leisurely breakfast and talked about how to spend our day. We decided on a drive north along the coastal road that follows the north shore of the island.

Along the drive we stopped at the Nakalele Blowhole. We saw some pretty impressive plumes. We continued on stopping at a few more overlooks. One of them had a perfect view to the east for sunrise photos. We marked it on our GPS and planned to return the next day before dawn.

We ended our outbound trip at the village of Kahakuloa which lies along a one-lane, county-maintained road. The pride of the village is Julia’s Banana Bread. We bought a small loaf and headed back. We stopped at the supermarket near our hotel to replenish beer, wine, milk, and sunscreen. The prices were about the same as the Safeway where we originally shopped. 

After another lunch on our balcony, we rested in the room for a while. About 2:30, we headed down to the pool “reserved for quiet enjoyment” – i.e., take your kids to one of the other pools. We read our books until 4:00. The breeze almost made it chilly, but the sunshine helped keep us warm enough.

Back at the room, we had a cocktail and then cleaned up for dinner. Our meal was at Mala Ocean Tavern about 3 miles south. We arrived in the neighborhood of Mala about 45 minutes before our reservation. We checked out some nearby shops and then ended up back at our car just in time to enjoy a lovely sunset. Shortly before 7:00, we checked in at the restaurant.

Mala is a tiny place with tightly-packed tables inside and some outdoor seating (also tightly packed). We waited at the bar for our table and chatted with a couple from Reno – finally someone not from California. When we were shown to our table, we found ourselves almost elbow-to-elbow with the couples on either side of us. It was impossible to hold a private conversation. However, the service was excellent, and the food was good. The portions were so large, we ended up taking half our meal back to the resort.

When we returned from dinner, I cancelled our reservation for the next night. We would eat our leftovers from Mala instead.

We finished the day by watching the rest of “Pleasantville”.

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