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South Pacific Cruise: 14 November 2007

At sea

Despite the time change, we managed to sleep until 6:45, our latest morning yet. Chris ordered coffee and pastries from room service, and they came within five minutes. We enjoyed the food and caffeine on our balcony, where we noticed the air was much less humid than it had been on Vava’u.

More Seasickness

Chris had been battling a headache part of the night, so she took a pain reliever and went back to bed. While she napped, I worked out in the fitness center, showered, and left the room with our laptop. I made a stop by the travel desk to cancel my snorkeling excursion on Malolo on Saturday. The weather forecast called for “tons of rain” that day. La Palette was busy with lots of activities, so I just found a place in the deck six hallway, where I could plug in the laptop, sit, and type. I wrote until lunchtime.

By then, Chris had gotten out of bed and gone looking for me. She hadn’t found me in La Palette, but she had found more tifaifai (appliqué) on sale. She exchanged the pillow covers she had bought before and purchased a couple more. She was back in the room putting them away when I arrived.

Chris still had her headache, and now she was feeling dizzy and nauseated, too. We concluded she must be seasick. She took a Dramamine and we headed to La Veranda for lunch. The hostess there recommended Ginger Ale and candied ginger. We had noticed the bowl of candied ginger near the entrance of the restaurant a couple of times, but we hadn’t known its significance. We each ate a piece, remarking at how strong the flavor was. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, though, and we hoped it would help the nausea.

Lunch was short, and we went back to La Palette where I typed and Chris read her book. The Dramamine made Chris sleepy, though, and she returned to the room to lie down.

Ah, Swedish Massage

I typed until 1:45, returned to the room and roused Chris for our spa appointment. We both received excellent Swedish massages. Merlita gave me mine, and she was quite aggressive – really digging in and putting her weight into it. It wasn’t the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had, but it certainly left me loose. Ivy gave Chris her massage. While Ivy wasn’t as forceful as Merlita, Chris did have to ask her to ease up a little on the arches of her feet.

Wrung out from our treatments, we went back to the room where we relaxed more and watched a movie. After the movie, I wrote more journal entries and Chris worked crosswords. She had pretty much recovered from her seasickness and we both felt relaxed and content.

Seven Seas Society

We had planned to just order pizza from room service and eat that while we watched a movie in the room. However there was a party for members of the Seven Seas Society (repeat customers of Regent cruises). We dressed in our nice clothes and went to the Grand Salon.

At 7:30, we left the party. Since we were already dressed, we scrapped our idea for a movie night and went to L’Etoile instead. We had a light dinner of salads and fish and were back at the room by 8:30. We watched 45 minutes of Bringing Up Baby before we realized we were falling asleep. We turned off the TV and the lights at 9:20.

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