Grand Canyon North Rim

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Huge cave

Can you see the faces?

Here they are.


An odd formation

Graffiti at Kaibab Plateau Overlook

Pretty flowers

Jim, Ida, Chris, and Dale - just before sunset

Mule Deer


Crescent Moon

Zoroaster Temple at dusk

Weathered wood

Bright Angel Creek

Dale and Chris at Bright Angel Point

Jim and Ida

Jim at Vista Encantadora

Angel's Window and the Colorado River

Ida and Jim

Formation near Cape Royal

View from Cape Royal

Chris contemplating the view

Dale atop Bright Angel Point

Chris and Dale at Bright Angel Point

Chris below the sun room at Grand Canyon Lodge

Rough Rider Saloon, Grand Canyon Lodge

A clock-colored fire hydrant (and Chris)

Early riser

Zoroaster Temple and Bright Angel Creek at sunrise

Sunrise clouds

First light on the south rim

Sunrise panorama

Sunrise observer

Mt. Hayden

Panorama with the Marble Plateau in the distance

Rock formation

Terraces in the canyon wall

Baby pine cones

Ida and Chris

Last light on the southern canyon floor

Zoroaster Temple at sunset

Last light

Sunset clouds over the north rim

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