Manhattan, June 21-26, 2003

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Mid-town Tunnel as our taxi drove toward Manhattan

Dale waiting for the Subway, 51st Street Station


Main Gallery

Chris and her new purse

View south from Belvedere Tower

Dale on Belvedere Tower

Dragon over entry to Belvedere Tower

Belvedere Tower

Fruit vendor

Bryant Park

Dale at Bryant Park Carousel

Grand Central Terminal

Chrysler Building

UN Building

Sphere Within a Sphere by Arnaldo Pomodoro

Chris reflected in Sphere Within a Sphere


Fish Market

Busy Street

Dale - Self Portrait

Dried Fish

Exterminator Window Display



Definitely Irony!


This must have been here a while

Sidewalk jewelry vendor

Painted-on Windows

Dusting the manikins

Subway Map Floating on a NY Sidewalk by F. Schein

Sidewalk Graffiti

Elegant lady, Washington Square Park

Sad irony, Washington Square Park

Dale and Chris at dinner, Supreme Macaroni

Dale and the Sunset

Sunset over the Hudson River

Chrysler Building at Sunset

Manhattan Skyline

Statue of Liberty with Surveillance Helicopter

Statue of Liberty and Manhattan

Replica of the Torch

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, Designer of the Statue of Liberty

Dale and Liberty

Chris and Liberty

Liberty's Torch

Statue of Liberty

Chris waiting for the Ferry


Slurry Wall


90 West Building

View from our 26th floor window, 5:40pm

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