Bodie Photography Workshop

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Half Dome as seen from Tioga Pass Road (Highway 120)

Retro restaurant sign

Cemetary statue

Decaying grave marker

Tufa formations and waterfoul

Sewing table at the Tom Miller house

Ancient gears

Tin sheathing on the Kelley house

General merchandise in the front window of the Boone Store

Saw blade hanging on the outside of the Cain Sawmill

Saddle room

Burned out car

Creek-side stones

Afternoon storm clouds

Kitchen of the Tom Miller house

Kitchen of the Tom Miller house

Door knob and keyhole cover on the J. S. Cain house

Caskets at the morgue

Methodist Church reflected in the Dolan house window

Sunset rays

Downtown Bodie from Cemetary Hill

Sunset colors

Storm clouds to the south

Bodie at twilight

Standard Stamp Mill

Standard Stamp Mill

Rusting controls

Bodie Jail

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