Photos from KFOG's Kaboom! on May 10, 2003

f/11, 5 seconds, 9:16pm

f/11, 3.1 seconds, 9:17pm

f/16, 3.1 seconds, 9:20pm

f/16, 2.1 seconds, 9:20pm

f/16, 4.8 seconds, 9:20pm

f/13, 4 seconds, 9:22pm

f/13, 3.2 seconds, 9:23pm

f/13, 1/2 second, 9:23pm

f/13, 1.9 second, 9:24pm

f/13, 1.7 second, 9:27pm

f/13, 1.9 second, 9:30pm

f/13, 1/2 second, 9:32pm

All pictures taken with a Nikon D100 digital camera with 24-120mm zoom lenz. Hold mouse cursor over image for exposure information.

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