Jim & Ida Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

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Sarah and Ida at Lodge Restaurant

Ida and Jim admiring pictures from Lynn

Ida and Jim blowing out candles

Ida and Jim opening gifts

Lynn and Brenda preparing to sing

James and Brad with Lincoln Log tower

Jeff with Lincoln Log tower


Sharp Top and Abbot Lake

Jeff in the grass

Tobacco flower, Johnson Farm

Toy ship, Johnson Farm

Sarah and Carol Ann playing, Johnson Farm

Mantle, Johnson Farm

Jim and Brad at grindstone, Johnson Farm

Chris with scarecrow woman, Johnson Farm

Dale with scarecrow, Johnson Farm

Ida and Lynn in kitchen, Johnson Farm

Christian and Theresa, Johnson Farm

Jim, Ann, and Carol Ann, Johnson Farm

Sarah and Brad playing checkers, Johnson Farm

Elliott hiding from Jeff, Johnson Farm Trail

Butterfly, Johnson Farm Trail

Ida and Jim are reunited with the Purple Clock

Sarah, James, Carol Ann, Elliott, and Brad, Sharp Top Trail

Foggy scene, Sharp Top Trail

Theresa, Sharp Top summit

Carol Ann and Sarah, Sharp Top summit

Dale and Chris, Sharp Top summit

Carol Ann


Elliott Family

Jim, Ann, Brad, Carol Ann, and James

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