Kauai Vacation - September 21 to 28, 2001

Intuit sponsored "ship trips" for members of the Quicken and Quicken.com development teams to reward us for shipping Quicken 2002 and a new version of Quicken.com in August. The trips ranged from a day at a spa to a long weekend at Yosemite or Las Vegas all the way up to a week in Hawaii. Intuit pays the same amount toward each trip, and the travelers are responsible for anything beyond that. Chris and I had been talking about going to Hawaii for a long time, and this turned out to be an inexpensive way to get there. There were about twenty Intuit employees, many accompanied by spouses or significant others, on this trip.

Follow the links below to see the journals for each day of the trip, or click here to see the photo album.

Friday, 21 September - Travel from San Jose to Kauai

Saturday, 22 September - Snorkeling, east shore tour, Japanese Cemetery

Sunday, 23 September - Massage, more snorkeling, relaxing by the pool

Monday, 24 September - Motorcycle rental, shopping, luau

Tuesday, 25 September - Geocaching, Karaoke

Wednesday, 26 September - North shore tour, shopping

Thursday, 27 September - South shore tour, car trouble

Friday, 28 September - Travel from Kauai to San Jose

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